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#1 SDVOB Marketplace
For New York State!,Create Account Now to Meet your SDVOSB 6% goal.

We offer a simple and robust virtual marketplace that is focused on your mission support needs.

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Why G4Pro?

Simple and Robust virtual marketplace that is focused on your mission support needs and immediately meets your SDVOSB 6% goal Items on State Contract.

Superior Products.

Competitive Pricing.

World Class Customer Service.
24/7 Ordering Platform.

Easy & Effortless Reporting.

Meet Diversity Spend Goals.

Welcome to the G4Pro Marketplace.

G4Professionals Marketplace (G4Pro), a designated Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) offers its electronic Marketplace, providing e-procurement supplier connectivity services to New York State (NYS) agencies, authorities, counties, municipalities and other New York State-based entities.

G4Pro offers an online e-procurement system providing over 1 million lines of equipment ranging from Industrial, Emergency/Domestic Response Equipment, Law Enforcement and Safety Gear to all customers through a virtual environment.

G4Pro, a One Stop-Shop Ordering and Delivery System supports the procurement needs of NYS through its electronic marketplace matching buyers with their supply needs.

The G4Pro goal is simple and straightforward; provide a robust online marketplace for Local, County, and State Agencies, Authorities and Others to meet their daily operational equipment needs.

How Does It Work?


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Platform Features

Advanced Procurement

This one stop online-shop for public sector procurement uses a smart virtual marketplace to efficiently match buyers with their supply needs. Easily find what you are looking for in one place.

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Supports State Contract

G4Pro provides a robust online marketplace for Local, County, and State Agencies, Authorities and Other State Contract buyers needing to meet their daily operational and safety equipment needs.

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Robust e-Marketplace

G4Pro is an e-procurement platform with more than a million products and equipment supporting the needs of Industrial, Emergency Response, Law Enforcement and Operations customers

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SDVOSB Purchasing Goals

G4Pro assists busy procurement officers in meeting their SDVOSB purchasing goals. G4Pro is the right tool for mission critical needs through NYS State Contract and for fulfilling SDVOSB 6% purchasing goals.

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What do we sell and offer?


Through your G4Pro NYS purchasing managers have access to a myriad of MRO products.

Plumbing, janitorial, electrical, appliances, door security, flooring, fencing, hardware, lighting, motors, mechanic, welding, HVAC, appliances, repair, lawn & garden tools, emergency preparedness kits, heating and cooling, material handling, cleaning/irrigation, and ancillary services.

MRO Materials Management

At G4Pro we know that MRO supplies and equipment need to be purchased on a regular basis to maintain inventory levels and to be prepared for uncertain times. So, it’s important to have an organized system in place to manage and track these supplies. For instance, keeping an on-site inventory of the most commonly used items can reduce downtime, prevent costly unplanned expenditures, and minimize the general stress of restocking.

Using G4Pro to streamline MRO management offers many benefits. While MRO, can often be overlooked in facility management and organization, we are here to provide the support you need. Making use of the G4Pro Marketplace and support systems to facilitate product research, procurement, purchase management and inventory control, streamlines processes and ensures key MRO items are on hand as soon as they’re needed. Creating a dedicated space for this inventory and tracking maintenance repair and operating supplies simplifies the process and improves overall organizational capabilities and preparedness.

Employing support from highly trained supply chain personnel who are well-versed in supplier relations and have established relationships with MRO partners can also help drive down costs while ensuring the most efficient operations possible.

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